Our curiosity

We have an insatiable desire to learn everything we can. Not just about our business, but also about ourselves. We embrace curiosity and are open to new ideas. Global markets change, new technologies emerge and client needs evolve. The world never stands still, and neither do we. At BlackRock, we’re always asking ourselves, what do you need to learn today?

Learning opportunities

Master your role anytime, anywhere, through virtual and classroom courses that will help you up your game while gaining the skills and knowledge you need to be a high performer and leader at BlackRock. Some of our programs include:

The BlackRock Academies
Focus on your strengths and build the expertise you need to develop your career and become a thought leader. We offer development programs focused on client relationships, technology, investments, leadership, management skills and more. We also offer training to our clients, so that they can benefit from our best thinking too.
BlackRock Client Relationship Academy

BlackRock Educational Academy

BlackRock Leadership & Management Academy

BlackRock Tech Academy

BlackRock Investment Academy

BlackRock Mandatory & Compliance Academy
Knowing BlackRock Core
Knowing BlackRock Core
We provide a suite of resources and immersive experiences that help you explore our history, understand our culture and align your day-to-day role and personal aspirations with our mission, principles, purpose and strategy. You’ll discover how you can help shape our collective future, with case studies from the Harvard Business School as the basis of your learning.
BlackRock Hackathon
Our Hackathon, better known as “HACK:BLK”, is a global, firm-wide innovation challenge focused on developing new ideas to solve some of the world’s most complex financial challenges with the smartest technology. Open to all BlackRock employees, HACK:BLK provides the opportunity to transform your own ideas into a working prototype while collaborating with creative minds across the firm to bring an idea to life.

Professional networks

The Professional Networks provide resources, learning opportunities and meaningful networking to help our employees build their careers and capabilities at BlackRock. These networks host hundreds of programs and events annually in offices around the globe and are proudly designed by employees, for employees.

Analyst Alley’s mission is to create a forum where BlackRock Analysts can come together and share the resources and tools they need to become the future leaders of the firm.

BlackRock Analyst Alley

Associates Arena seeks to leverage the BlackRock Principles to help Associates understand different areas of the business at the Associate level and to foster a deep understanding of BlackRock’s strategy.

BlackRock ARENA Associates Network

The Global Administrative Initiative Network engages, fosters and enhances the talent of Assistants by providing resources, development and education specifically for Assistants.

BlackRock Global Administrative Initiative Network

VP Village connects the Vice President community across our firm. Through networking events and a speaker series, Vice Presidents meet with senior leaders and each other to develop their networks and understanding of the business.

BlackRock VP Village

Leadership programs

Here at BlackRock, we aim to foster leadership at all levels. Through our leadership development activities, we identify and grow our leaders to help them achieve their career goals while driving our firm’s future growth. Select employees are invited to participate in our flagship programs, which include assessments, executive coaching, sponsorship and hands-on work, or they can receive executive coaching, sponsorship or other support outside of a program.

Case studies

You’ll discover how you can shape our collective future using case studies from the Harvard Business School as the basis of your learning. Explore the case studies below:

BlackRock: Organizing for the Future

This case details the state of the firm from 2010 to 2015, as well as key trends and emerging opportunities shaping the asset management industry. It also explores BlackRock’s approach to streamline the organization, codify its culture and develop the next generation of business leaders.

BlackRock: Integrating Barclays Global Investors

This case covers 2007-2009 and discusses the acquisition of — as well as integration challenges with — Barclays Global Investors (BGI). This deal would forever change BlackRock’s investment strategy, global footprint and culture.

BlackRock: Acquire Merrill Lynch Investment Managers

This case study reviews the evolution of the asset management industry in the early 2000s, the business rationale for growth by acquisition and synergies between BlackRock and Merrill Lynch Investment Managers (MLIM).

BlackRock: Selling the Systems

This case study covers the founding and early years of the firm, the development of Aladdin® — BlackRock’s proprietary analytics and trading platform — and the decision to sell the system externally.

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