BlackRock offers a comprehensive total rewards and benefits package, including a range of benefits, programs and resources to meet the varying needs of talent across the firm.

Compensation: Pay for performance

BlackRock rewards you for your contributions and gives you opportunities to share in the firm’s growth and success. BlackRock’s Pay for Performance philosophy connects individual, business and company results to employee compensation. For most employees, total compensation includes base salary plus a discretionary annual bonus.

Financial wellness

BlackRock has a special responsibility to help you build a sound financial future for yourself and your family. Our comprehensive financial wellness program provides access to a variety of resources, learning opportunities and expert guidance to help you achieve your goals at each stage of life. BlackRock offers you advantageous savings and investment opportunities to help you achieve financial security, including BlackRock's Employee Stock Purchase Plan, which allows employees to share in the ownership of BlackRock and its success at a discounted rate. With flexible options, you can save and invest in ways that work best for you, while also protecting your income and your assets. Underlying our financial wellness program is a strong educational platform.

Retirement savings
Personal investments
College savings
Financial protection
Learning and guidance

Personal wellness

Nothing is more important than the well-being of you and your family. That's why BlackRock offers a comprehensive personal wellness program that provides resources to help you take charge of your health, encourage a healthy lifestyle and better manage health care costs. Our integrated approach to health care and wellness offers you a range of health plans, access to programs that support a healthier lifestyle and health care accounts to help manage out-of-pocket health care costs.

Comprehensive coverage
Access to comprehensive medical, dental and vision plans
Savings and spending accounts
Set aside pre-tax dollars for health care expenses
Health and wellness program
Encouraging and rewarding healthy habits

Work/life support

We're focused on helping you more easily manage your work and personal lives. Our time-off and life management programs are

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NEW! Flexible Time Off (FTO)

Take as many paid days off per year as you need, while still fulfilling your work obligations. Learn more about our new FTO policy here.

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Life management

Get support while caring for children and elders

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Savings opportunities

Saving money on commuting and everyday expenses